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Time to get what you want? - Rosanne Austin

Time to get what you want?

Love, I’m writing for two reasons: 1) To give you some love AND 2) I’ve got a question for you.

My question was sparked by a conversation I had yesterday with one of my dearest clients, who is almost into second trimester of her miracle pregnancy–after years of heartbreak.

(My clients are amidst a baby boom! 11 pregnancies in 118 days.)

Like all of my clients, this darling woman is an absolute inspiration–not only is she a whip-smart-go-getter, she spent years on her journey in heartbreak and misery.

She had done all kinds of restrictive fertility diets.

She was buried under a mountain of supplements.

She had done countless fertility treatments.

Nothing. Was. Working.

The fear and stress were eating her alive.

When she came to me, I asked her why she wanted me to coach her, she said in so many words, “My way isn’t working–I’m ready to try yours.”

During our time together, she continued to take care of herself, but she ended her draconian adherence to fertility diet insanity, she chucked the Mt. McKinley of pills she had acquired, she stopped being a hostage to her fear and stress, she felt more confident in her body than ever, she put herself back in control, and…BOOM!

She got pregnant.

Yesterday, as we began our session, I asked her point blank, “Love, what was different this time?”

Her answer was simple, “Me.”

She changed her mindset, she changed her results.

It’s what I did too–at 43.

So. Can. You.

Having coached and mentored women on 6 of 7 continents, there is no question in my mind that if you truly desire success on this journey, you can’t afford to think and believe like a failure.

Time’s up on neglecting the most powerful resource you have: MINDSET.

Here’s my question: Isn’t it time you finally got what you want?






Your baby.

If your answer is HELL YES, then I invite you to apply for a chat with me.

This was meant for you Love. Yes, YOU.

Let’s talk about your journey and how my private coaching programs can help set you up for success, like they have done for women across the globe.

Apply Here

Let’s do this.

Lots of love,