💥 Do you trust yourself on this journey?

Do you truly, completely, and absolutely trust yourself on this journey?

If you had to light the Bat Signal, because the proverbial shit was hitting the fan, would YOU have YOUR BACK?

You might say HELL YES from an intellectual and theoretical standpoint, but when the rubber hits the road, do you really?

I’m asking, because defying the odds myself at 43 and coaching women across the globe to their own success, has given me priceless insight that I love to share.

Women who stubbornly trust themselves, beat the odds on this journey.

I want that to include YOU my darling, so let’s start by examining what trusting yourself actually means.

In my personal lexicon (which I gleefully invite you to use) it means:

A deep and abiding belief in yourself, your values, your worthiness, and your ability to take consistent, daily action in accordance with those beliefs, regardless of the opinions and judgments of others.

Read this definition two more times. It’s intentionally meaty and the lawyer in me is reveling in its multidimensional chewiness. (Nerd alert!)

It puts YOU at the center of your beliefs, values, and worthiness.

It puts YOU where you belong precious one–in the driver’s seat.

This doesn’t mean you refuse to consider input from those who have earned your respect.

Nor does it mean you have to make yourself a hardened, prickly, one-woman band called “The Pissed Porcupines.”

It simply means you trust YOU first.

No human being has a right to more power in your life than YOU–regardless of the letters that come after their name, or by virtue of who they are.

You trust YOU, because this being a Mom “thing” isn’t just a passing fucking fancy–it’s an expression of the wisest, deepest, most loving part of you.

Owning this = you have every reason to trust YOU.

When YOU have YOUR back, YOU can trust in YOUR success.

My ladies are wise about trust.

They know by trusting themselves, they unleash the power to defy any boring statistic, dire prognosis, or long-faced naysayer…and, they inevitably do.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Cultivate Trust In YOU.

Where do you stand when it comes to your belief in:

  1. Yourself,
  2. Your Values,
  3. Your Worthiness
  4. Your ability to take consistent, DAILY action in accordance with those beliefs?

Now, where you do stand with those beliefs in the context of the opinions or judgments held by your partner, friends, family, doctors, practitioners, clergy, social media, Dr. Google, or anyone else that might influence you? Does someone else’s vote count more than yours?

Do your ACTIONS demonstrate that YOU trust YOU? They don’t lie. They’re a no fail barometer for where you stand on this point. You might be really good at trusting yourself when it comes to your work, but what about this journey?

What you think and believe is everything. Isn’t it time that you had a mindset for fertility journey success? If you want my help, I’m here. xoxoxo


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