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TTC and an awesome life? A 3 letter word is the key... - Rosanne Austin

TTC and an awesome life? A 3 letter word is the key…

Who says your fertility journey has to be about austerity, misery, and life sucking major ass until your baby gets here???

More importantly, why would we as smart women, in 2018, buy into this crap?

I go into near apoplexy over this topic, because I see otherwise brilliant, resourceful, awesome AF women, bullied into a minuscule, constricted, and scarcity-oriented existence on this journey…


I have yet to see a shred of evidence that living a stressed-out, joyless, bitter life is the silver bullet–in fact, my clients prove the opposite is true.

The notion that you are limited to a binary choice of being on this journey OR having a great life is a big, fat, greasy lie.

You can be on this journey AND have an awesome life!

In fact, your journey AND your life harmoniously coexisting is critical.

Consider the long game: “What kind of life will I be welcoming my baby into?”

Will it be a life starved of joy, because you’ve been living with, “I will only be happy when_________,” as your mantra?

Will it be a life in which you and your partner have become roommates?

Will it be a life in which you model a fear and scarcity mindset for your child?

Will it be a life in which you are so depleted from chronically putting yourself LAST, that you have little to give your baby when they get here?

Be a good Mom now: TAKE A STAND FOR THE AND.

Eagerly anticipate your baby’s arrival AND enjoy the life you have NOW.

Be in treatment AND pad it with experiences that bring you joy.

Eat healthy AND give yourself permission to have treats.

Educate yourself AND know that statistics are not verdicts.

Create partnership with your doctor AND believe in miracles.

AND changes everything.

My ladies laugh in the face of binary choices.

These sparkly unicorns take a giant fucking stand for the AND–they will be the Mamas they were meant to be AND they will live a kick ass life along the way.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Take a stand for the AND.

Where have you been unnecessarily limiting yourself to binary choices?

There is nothing I want more for you than a life sooooo fucking good that it brings tears to your eyes. Choose ONE area of your life in which you want to start taking a stand for the AND. Challenge the OR! Is it actually true? Are you really only limited to A or B? Insist upon C! Notice what happens…

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