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Want to live your journey on your terms? Ask this question. - Rosanne Austin

Want to live your journey on your terms? Ask this question.

I’m flying to Paris, then Nice, France today for my first solo-Mama trip since Asher was born (almost 11 months ago.)

I’m meeting a friend, who is also a miracle Mama, and we are going to drive around Provence and the Cote d’Azure–with no kids or husbands in tow!

I know some people might judge my choice and ask, “OMG, how could you possibly leave your infant son, who you “worked” so hard for, to go off on a girls’ trip?”

As you probably guessed, I don’t give much time to other people’s judgments.

But, my answer to that question would be simple: “How could I NOT?”

Making my own rules, tossing my dependence on other people’s opinions and statistics, while following my heart is WHY Asher is here today.

It’s no surprise to me that he arrived when he did.

My miracle boy was conceived at a time when I was allowing myself to say huge HELL YESes.

I hadn’t felt so alive in years.

I had never trusted myself more.

The more ME I became, the more certain I was Asher would find me.

I’m sharing this with you, because at the root of all of that was a simple question.

Is this shit right for me?

When I started asking this consistently, the fear, obsession, self-sabotage, icky competitiveness, and drama began melting away on my journey.

We spend a lot of time asking questions–it’s time to start asking the right ones.

Survey the landscape of your journey.

Are you doing and thinking things that are actually right for you?

Are you just doing shit because you think you have to?

It’s time to put more of YOU back into your journey.

Trust yourself enough to make your journey a reflection of the woman you are at heart.

My ladies make their own rules.

They know doing so makes them shine so bright, their babies can find them.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.


Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…


Is this shit right for me?

Apply this question to every aspect of your journey.

Curate your journey so it is a reflection of the wisest, most true you. It makes you so bright and sparkly! Make it EASY for your baby to find you!!!

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection.

If you are ready to put a baby in your arms, let’s talk. My ladies have babies!

Also, catch me on Insta @rosanneaustincoach. Follow my first post-baby solo trip to Provence and the French Riviera this week!

Saying YES to my truth is why Asher is here today!