Want to master your emotions? Do this.


Do you ever feel like you just can’t catch a break when it comes to your emotions on this journey?

One moment you are saying, “I’ve got this,” like a badass fertility warrior queen.

The next you are wishing you could crawl into your grandma’s arms, while she rocks you back and forth telling you, “it’s all going to be OK,” because you were triggered by something in your Facebook feed.

Even when the swings are not so extreme, it can feel like no matter what you do, there’s always an icky undercurrent of negativity, doubt, and fear that just feels gross.

So what does a smart woman do to put herself back in the driver’s seat?

She becomes a master of meaning.

You must take control of the meaning you attach to things that happen on your journey.

Here’s an example: I used to be obsessed with tracking my basal body temperature.

If I didn’t see that half-degree drop, which signified I was about to ovulate exactly when I was “supposed to,” I would go into a tailspin.

I immediately berated myself with:

  • I am worthless,
  • I am broken,
  • Crackheads with 5 kids can ovulate “right,” but I can’t,
  • The girls who made fun of my new-wave hairdo in junior high must have been right…I am a freak, AND
  • I’m never, ever going to be a Mom.

I made not ovulating “on time” mean that I was worthless, broken, worse than a drug addict, a freak, and someone who would never be a Mom.


Is there any wonder why I was stressed-out and not getting the result I wanted?

What’s even more insane was that I am a highly educated woman, who once made a living by arguing with people (as an attorney,) yet I never once CONTRADICTED the ridiculous meaning I attached to not ovulating on time.

I was trapped in my own blindspot of heartbreaking, destructive thinking.

Can you relate?

This kind of negative mindset can set you up for FAILURE.

It is an undisputed fact that emotions impact:

  • Sleep,
  • Eating habits,
  • Breathing,
  • Vitality,
  • Hormones,
  • Stress-levels, and
  • Decisions.

Pretty important pieces of the puzzle when trying to optimize fertility, right?

I am sharing this with you, so you can begin to change the course of your fertility journey, TODAY…I don’t want you to live the way I did…for years.

Mindset will shape every aspect of your fertility journey and if you don’t like the results you are getting, you simply can’t afford to ignore it.

Don’t let your mindset stand between you and your miracle.

This week, the challenge is to take a closer look at what you “make things mean.”

Want my help? I’m here.

Here’s to you developing your mastery over meaning.

Lots of love,

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.37.13 PM

Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

This week, ask yourself a simple question,

“What is the meaning I am attaching to__________________?”

Take an honest look at the meaning you give to:

  • A negative pregnancy test
  • News of poor egg quality
  • Not having all of your embryos mature as you had hoped
  • Not getting pregnant on your timeline
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS

What are you making these things mean in your life?

Dare to challenge the meaning you currently attach to these facts!

Is there a different way of seeing the situation that is JUST AS VALID?

The negative view of any fact is the easy route–challenge yourself to see an alternative that might actually support your fertility!

If the meaning you give something that occurs on your journey makes you feel like shit, you have the power to CHANGE IT!

Make a different choice!

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.

Want extra accountability? COMMENT on this blog and tell me how it’s going.