Want to stop feeling so lost? Set this intention

Happy Sunday!

There is so much noise all around us on this journey.





With each month that passes or treatment that “fails,” the noise gets louder.

More confusing.

Harder to hold back the tears.

Or just fucking give up.

So, so lost.

It’s time you found YOU.

When you find YOU, you can’t be lost.

Commit to YOU.

Be in integrity with YOU.

Let every action you take reflect the commitment you’ve made to YOU.

Your dreams.

Your baby.

You’ll see the “magic.”

Set this intention: I am committed AF to being a Mom, my thoughts and actions show it.

“Unless I have enough personal power to keep commitments in my daily life, I will be unable to wield magical power. To work magic, I need a basic belief in my ability to do things and cause things to happen. That belief is generated and sustained by my daily actions.”–Starhawk

Change your mindset, change your results.