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7 Key Lessons for Success on Your Fertility Journey

💗 Want to succeed on this journey? Learn these 7 lessons.

I am SUPER excited to tell you it’s my birthday week. This Mama is turning forty-fucking-five baby! A lot of women would shy away from putting that number out on blast, but I absolutely revel in it.

What’s the secret to feeling amazing about 45 and just about everything else? It’s found in the priceless lessons I learned on my fertility journey.

In celebration of my birthday week, I am giving YOU the gift of some of these lessons, so you too can have a shot at feeling confident AF, regardless of your age, or the current situation on your journey.

These lessons come from 7+ years on my fertility journey, beating the odds when medicine basically told me my chances were “slim to none,” and having helped women around the world do the same.

Which of these is most important? Trust yourself. You decide.

1) YOU are the silver bullet. YOU are the common denominator on this journey. You will be the deciding factor when it comes to making your Mama dreams come true. It isn’t going to be some pill, treatment or something outside of you. YOU are the X-Factor. You’ve heard people say things like, “I just knew it would happen for her.” Be your own “special something.” Show up to your journey with massive HELL YES!

2) Mindset is EVERYTHING. Your thoughts fuel your beliefs. Your beliefs inform your choices. Your choices directly impact your results. Logical, linear, and undeniable. With the average woman on this journey investing $60k+ to bring about a positive result, protect your investment by learning to think like a woman who achieves success on it. It’s a drop in the bucket to help you achieve the greatest joy of your lifetime. What I learned from my coaches changed my life. Every time I look at my baby boy, I say a silent prayer of thanks for what they taught me. Get out of your own way. Hire your coach.

3) Stop obsessing about age NOW! Right this minute, as you read this, there are women all over the world in their 40s giving birth. Women impervious to the misogyny and fear mongering that is perpetuated by society and Big Pharma about when and how women should be having babies. Indeed, getting pregnant at 40+ is different than trying to get pregnant at 20, but by all accounts, at 20 you still only have a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month. You held out for the right partner and a great career! Have it all Mama. Decide that age is merely a fact, NOT a verdict.

4) Doctors/medicine are there to support you, NOT dominate you. MD does not stand for “Medical Deity.” Be a partner to your physician, NOT their subordinate. You are equals working toward a goal. The best physicians want you to play an active role in your treatment. (I know this, because I coach some of the best physicians in the world.) This is your body and your life. Bring a physician onto your team that BELIEVES IN YOU. If your doctor judges you or scoffs at your values, BOUNCE!

5) Joy NOW is the most effective diet or supplement you will ever be on. Stop putting your life on hold. Living your journey in a state of overwhelm and depletion is sending a loud and clear message to your body that you are STRESSED and it will pull resources away from “non-essential” systems. Take the vacation. Make time for fun. Remember: Diet is support, not dogma! Live a little. Have a glass of wine. Eat a slice of your own birthday cake. Be suspicious of extreme diets or extended periods of deprivation. Nothing has the efficacy or potency of joy.

6) Embrace Uncertainty. When things are uncertain, it means ANYTHING is possible. Even the good shit. Uncertainty means you are still in the game. Smart women see the opportunity in uncertainty. How could you ever hope to learn anything new or up-level, if everything was predictable? Boring! Pro Tip: Everything is happening FOR you, not TO you–when you get that in your bones, you’ll use uncertainty wisely–not be a victim of it.

7) Take responsibility for how YOU feel. No one can make you feel anything on this journey without your permission. Quit expecting friends, family, co-workers, physicians, your partner, or anyone for that matter to always do or say the right thing. This journey is an intensely personal experience. You’ve got to get right with YOU. If you don’t like the way you feel, you have the power to change it. As a grown woman, you don’t need anyone else’s permission to do so. The calm, confidence, and joy you desire on this journey is possible. Take responsibility for learning how to unleash it.

Some of this may ruffle your feathers, but consider that a good thing. People who give a shit will love you enough to tell you the truth.

If there was a formula for thinking like a success, so you can create success on this journey, I’ve got it–and I love sharing it.

Here’s to YOUR success love.

My ladies know success.

They learn to think, believe, and take action like a woman who beats the odds…and they are soooo good at it–we are on a baby a week streak!

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Read and re-read the 7 lessons above.

Think about HOW you might be able to apply these hard-won lessons to your life.

DECIDE you will do something about it.

If you are ready to learn how to think like a woman who succeeds on this journey and you are all about a HELL YES to success, I’m here. xoxo

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