What A Jelly Roll Can Teach About Confidence

What Can A Jellyroll Teach About Confidence?

There are times on the fertility journey when we just want to scream, “Seriously?

The journey can seem sadistically astute at lobbing setbacks, painful ironies, and grinding frustration in our direction when we need them least…

One that can send our self-esteem into a rapid descent is the creeping, stubborn, and virulent weight gain.

Yeah, I said it.

At a time when our sense of self worth can be at a low point, having “more to love,” if we aren’t careful, can shake our confidence to the core.

So what can we do?

TODAY, August 25th, on The Love Your Journey Podcast, we are going to talk about how you can leverage your fertility medication induced “jelly roll” into massive confidence!

I will be sharing:

  • The first step in making peace with the junk in your trunk,
  • A major upgrade in the way you view the “jelly roll,”
  • Making room for your lovely lady lumps, AND
  • The “Get Naked” practice that can take the shame out of your game.

Tuning into the show is easy-peasey! Just click on the audio player below and listen on demand.

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