What She Did to Make IVF Fun… Yes, Fun

Ok, hold onto your hat, this one is a doozie-

Recently, I had a client tell me that not only was she super excited about her next round of IVF, but that it was going to be fun. Those were her exact words. F-U-N.

I am not surprised at how dramatically my clients’ lives change when we start working together, yet I have to admit this had me do a double-take.

Is she a goodie-two shoes Pollyanna-type? Hardly.

Did her doctor guarantee “it will work this time?” Nope.

Is she delusional? Not even close.

She made shifts that will change her life and her journey.

Let’s zero in on one of them.

She is focusing on what she wants–NOT on what she doesn’t want.

Powerful distinction.

She is focused on being a Mom.

She is not focused on what-ifs, how much money she has spent, or failure fantasy.

She understands that one undeniably reduces stress and creates opportunity.

The other is toxic distraction.

Focusing her attention solely on what she wants is exactly why she will be a Mom.

Is she super-woman special? I work with women who want the best for their journey and themselves. They choose to overcome their stress and make their journey luxuriously simple, so they can be the Mom, Partner, and Woman they were meant to be. What they achieve is extraordinary.

So, YES she is incredibly special, AND SO ARE YOU.

She was scared and doubtful when she started, but she took a stand.

You have everything it takes to do the same.

If you doubt that–borrow a cup of my belief in you.

Want my help? I’m here.

Lots of love,

Rosanne 350 x 90