Why Positive Thinking Is Not Enough…

Why Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

In the face of stress and anxiety, how often have you told yourself, “I just need to think positive?”

Easy enough, right? Not so much…

What happens when you don’t stay in your place of perfect positivity? Do you start beating yourself up about it? Worrying about not being positive and hopeful can as overwhelming as the thing we were originally freaking out about!

Simply “thinking positive” may make us feel OK for a while, but the truth is, until you follow it up with this step (which actually helps make it stick) you are going to find yourself in an epic struggle with your mindset on this journey. I’ve been there.

TODAY, July 20th, on The Love Your Journey Podcast, I am going to talk about the missing piece when it comes to positivity!

I will be sharing:

  • Why positive thinking alone is not enough,
  • The Missing Positivity Piece,
  • How you can put that piece into action, AND
  • So much more!

Tuning into the show is easy-peasey! Just click on the audio player below and listen on demand.

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