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Join Fearlessly Fertile Retreat - Transform Your Mindset

Will you miss out on this?

Love, I am writing to let you know that the Early Enrollment period for my Fearlessly Fertile Breakthrough Retreat in Boise is closing soon. Prices will go up AND the hotel bonus will go away.

This retreat is about learning the steps to getting your mindset HANDLED, so you can finally have the peace of mind that comes from showing up to your journey–MIND and BODY. Noregrets.

It’s a chance to be in community with other smart women who will have your back, as you make fearlessness your new normal.

If you want to be a part of this awesomeness, but are hesitating, I get it.

Maybe some of the things holding you back from taking this next step, are the same things that held ME back years ago. I was terrified of failing again and felt like this mindset “thing” was overwhelming. Can you relate?

Here’s what you’ve got to know:

If you’ve tried working on mindset and it didn’t seem to work...No DIY program, self-help book, or the occasional inspiring convo can match the power of getting yourself in the room with your mentor, as she walks you through a logical, linear, simple to implement, and proven methodology, that has helped women create new results on their journey.

Getting fearless, personalized coaching from someone who has achieved the success you desire, is like hitting the TURBO button on your progress. You may have tried other things, but love, nothing is like this.

If you are sick of spinning your wheels with mindset, this retreat is for you.

If you are telling yourself, you don’t have the timeJuggling a demanding career and this journey makes your life busy AF. I get it. But, if not now, when? Most people waste so much time trying to figure this mindset piece out–with a patchwork of free seminars, frustrating trial and error, and inconsistent follow through, then wonder why nothing changes. Even worse? Some don’t start till shit gets really bad.

Following a proven system for transforming your mindset will save you time. And, frankly, who the hell has time to waste on this journey? Can you really afford to go into your next cycle wondering if you have your ducks in a row? We are talking about 2 days love.

If you want to nail this mindset thing, quickly and efficiently, this retreat is for you.

If you are telling yourself you can’t possibly indulge in a tripI get it. I spent YEARS stuck in the notion that all of my resources had to be directed at my treatments. I couldn’t fathom doing anything “extra” for myself. But, that heartbreakingly short-sighted line of reasoning almost cost me my son. I was so run down and depleted, I almost gave up.

Getting out of my house, onto a plane, and into the room with my mentor was a turning point on my journey. It helped me see what was missing in my approach. That radical move, helped me achieve radically different results.

This retreat isn’t just some feel good fluff. It’s about developing a SKILL SET that will support you in conceiving. If you listened to my podcast with world renowned physician, healer, and philosopher, Bernie Siegel, MD, from earlier this week, there can be no question about how important this piece of the puzzle is.

If you are committed to leaving NO STONE UNTURNED on your journey, join us at the Fearlessly Fertile Breakthrough Retreat.

Real women are getting REAL RESULTS with what I teach. Here’s some of what Sarah, in Chicago had to say:

“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for everything you do. I started listening to your free calls last fall and joined your workshop early this year. Your messages on mindset were exactly what I needed to hear. I am about 12.5 weeks pregnant. I am so incredibly grateful, and I cannot thank you enough for the role you played in all of this.

I followed your morning routine daily. My mindset shifted. Through your process, I found my faith. A few months later, I was pregnant with no medicines. I’m not sure where I would be right now if it weren’t for your workshop.”

To take advantage of Early Enrollment Pricing AND the 2-nights hotel BONUS, you must complete your enrollment by March 31st.


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Got questions? Hit REPLY to this email and my team will help!

Don’t let fear hold you back from having the confidence you desire on this journey–MIND and BODY.

Lots of love,