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This woman is my WHY. Let her inspire you. - Rosanne Austin

This woman is my WHY. Let her inspire you.

Happy Tuesday!

Last week, I came face to face with the physical embodiment my WHY–why I left my work as a state prosecutor to help women get pregnant.

She came to San Francisco from Kenya.

I got to meet this amazing woman in all of her beautiful, pregnant glory.

From the moment we began working together in January, it was clear to me, she was a force to be reckoned with–a woman set on her HELL YES.

Brilliant, funny, passionate, and open, not only did she receive the coaching–she APPLIED what she learned.

In a matter of weeks, this gorgeous woman who made a commitment to herself and the vision she had for her family, was pregnant.

While she is decidedly more quiet and reserved than me, I don’t think she would object to my exuberance in saying, she fucking beat the odds.

She did it by: 1) deciding to BE the woman who isn’t confined by fear, the past, statistics, BS about age, or lame excuses about time or money, AND 2) doing the transformational work to get “there.”

Over calamari, bruschetta with burrata, insane pasta, the charming accent of our Italian waiter, and a glass of wine (for me), we came together not as coach and client, but as two women who are living proof of the power of mindset on this journey.

It took every bit of the remaining prosecutorial poker face in me to refrain from doing an ugly-face cry into my scandalously silky carbonara with joy FOR her. (When did I become such a crybaby??)

She no longer has to stand on the sidelines of her life wondering if she has the power to make her dreams come true–she KNOWS.

She will lead her children to do the same.

Knowing your WHY is everything.

It will keep you saying HELL YES, when your journey feels more like WTF?

It will keep you focused when doubt or haters come knocking!

It will help you crush the BS that’s blocking your success.

It will be your limitless source of strength.

My ladies are the WHY behind my work.

They say big, bold, sometimes scary HELL YESSES that inspire me to keep saying mine. #humbled #inawe #unicornsrule #totalcrybaby

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Know your WHY.

WHY are you on this journey? Instead of blowing that off as a stupid question, answer it. What is driving YOU month after month, treatment after treatment to keep putting one foot in front of the other? BE HONEST. In your answer you will find a limitless source of power.

You have a shit ton of love to give! You know you will be a hella cool Mom! OWN IT. Quit playing small or apologizing for this. It’s your fuckin’ mission. Go after it like your hair is on fire!

You know your WHY. Cultivate the mindset that will help you bring it to fruition. If you want my help, I’m here. My ladies make amazing shit happen! xoxoxo