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You won't see a baby shower in the same way again - Rosanne Austin

You won’t see a baby shower in the same way again

Does a baby shower invitation feel like a knife to your heart?

When someone announces they are pregnant, do you feel your insides start to turn into a giant, anxiety-ridden, knot?

Well this weekend I went to the first baby shower I’ve attended since Asher was born and it got me thinking.

As I sat with other women celebrating the Mama to be, I remembered what it was like to attend such an occasion years ago…quietly torturing myself that, “it will never be me,” and feeling like a complete asshole, because I was jealous.

I remember thinking,“Why does she get her baby? I deserve it just as much as she does…probably more!”

Just keeping it real.

Baby showers and pregnancy announcements send otherwise confident, educated, professional, loving women on this journey into a self-loathing, Mean Girl spiral because of one thing:

Lack and scarcity thinking.

This way of thinking leads you to believe there is only limited good fortune to go around, that other people have it easier, and getting what you want will be painful or out of reach.

It sets you up to believe other people’s joy = your pain.

It gnaws away at your feelings of worthiness.

It cons you into being risk averse to a fault and therefore, less resourceful–not good, when resourcefulness is exactly what you need to be successful on this journey!

Next time you get a pregnancy announcement or baby shower invitation, see it as CONFIRMATION of your desire to be a Mom.

Another woman JUST LIKE YOU had the same desire–her timeline and circumstances may be different indeed, but her joy is PROOF of what’s possible for you, yes, most gorgeous YOU.

Could there be a better reason to celebrate?

My ladies lead from abundance.

They know there’s more than enough baby-goodness to go around and another woman’s success is simply a preview of what’s to come…and indeed it does.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Kick lack and scarcity in the ass.

Let’s get real about the influence of lack and scarcity on your journey.

Get out a piece of paper and make a list of ways you’ve let it dim your light on this journey:

  • What are you telling yourself you can’t afford?
  • How are you keeping yourself small?
  • What opportunities are you not availing yourself to?
  • Where are you stuck because you think success is for “other people?”
  • What have you been dying to say YES to?

What would be different if what’s really in your heart was in charge–not lack and scarcity? Lack and scarcity are just a big old fat lie. Are you going to let lies run the show on your journey?

Stretch yourself here. Call yourself out. Say YES to something better!