Your Journey and the F-Word

This week I want to support you in dropping F-bombs like mad.

I mean with absolute impunity!





Wait…did you think that I meant a certain 4-letter expletive?

While indeed my dear, I am an absolute connoisseur of that word and use it with unapologetic regularity, that’s not the F-Word I meant.

The F-word I am talking about is: FORGIVENESS.

I know the pressure you put on yourself.

You work hard, you got an education, you built a career, you found the love of your life, you have done everything you can to pave the way to a secure future, and now that you are struggling with something that you just can’t seem to control–you do what has worked for you in the past…

You push harder.

You try to be even more perfect. (I love my Type-A, overachievers!)

You beat yourself up.

You scrutinize things to absolute exhaustion.

Then you ask yourself why you can’t seem to shake the fear and stress.

As your pink-haired, potty-mouthed, hold-nothing-back, prosecutor-turned-Fertility Journey Transformation coach, slightly older sister, I am begging you to try a different approach.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive your uterus.

Forgive your ovaries.

Forgive yourself for spending your 30s building a career.

Forgive yourself for not meeting your partner at the peak of your egg quality.

Forgive yourself for wanting it all.

Forgive your shittiest of decisions.

When you are done forgiving yourself…forgive everyone else.


Until you do, this journey will be torture.

I am not saying this as I levitate in some holier than thou position around my ivory tower, crunching on gluten-free granola.

I am sharing this with you as a woman who learned the hard way.

The grudges I held against myself were ruthless and at times debilitating.

I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Forgiveness was key in the process to becoming the Mom, partner, and woman I was meant to be…and still is.

With it, the comparisons, insecurities, what-ifs, negativity, and hopelessness wane to a teeny-tiny, barely audible peep.

I teach my ladies all over the world to embrace it–and it changes lives.


Do it… and keep doing it until it sticks.


Go F-Yourself!

Lots of love,

Rosanne 350 x 90

P.S. This is an actual note I keep for myself on this subject, stuck to my computer, where I am reminded of it daily. Yes, it’s that important.

Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

  1. Make a list of the most heinous acts you have committed in your life and on this journey,
  2. Begin forgiving them one by one.

You can start wherever you wish–however, starting small will build some awesome momentum. Little victories will lead to bigger ones. If you get stuck, pick something else, forgive, and go back armed with yet another victory!

Shout at the top of your lungs that you forgive yourself! Write yourself an elaborate pardon! Commute your sentence! LIFE IS TOO FREAKIN’ SHORT.

The choice is yours, and no matter what, make your forgiveness active.

I have said it before and I will say it a million times more. You must take action.

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.

Want extra accountability? Leave a comment and tell me how it’s going.



Stress isn’t doing your fertility any favors.

Women who are serious about creating the best possible circumstances on their fertility journey don’t settle for letting stress undermine their efforts. They take action.

Fear and stress complicate your journey. Let’s make the way you live it luxuriously simple, so you can be the Mom, partner, and woman you were meant to be.

My proven tools, strategies, and coaching method are “journey-tested” and frankly…badass.

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