Zip It! Silencing Negative Self Talk About Infertility

The Meanest, Most Unrelenting Bully On the Block: YOU

You would never dream of talking to someone you truly loved that way.

People would look at you sideways and things would get awkward and weird, if you said the words out loud, in public.

And, if you said those things to someone else, you’d pretty much be guaranteed a punch in the nose, or at least some repentance inspiring tears.

Yet you do it anyway. The “it” here is the smile smashing, heartbreak amplifying, and depression deepening negative self-talk about infertility that you engage in on a daily basis. You know you do it. I did it with astoundingly brutal flair! Maybe you don’t even notice that you do it. But, I’m willing to wager you feel it’s effects. Anytime you feel fear, uncertainty, or have to face another hurdle on the journey, it only gets louder.

If your journey has been fraught with hurdles, setbacks, frustration, and fear, I get that it’s going to require some serious upper body strength to climb out of your thought pit. Your heart, relationships, and well-being deserve the effort. You’ve got to change the soundtrack that is playing in your head! I can hear that negative voice already trying to derail you by saying, “that crazy bitch is just selling you some new-agey delusion. What’s going on up here is r-e-a-l real!”

Undoubtedly, some of what you are saying to yourself is fact based. Painful facts. However, you simply can’t achieve the true success of coming out on the other end of this journey (no matter what) in one piece, with your heart singing, relationships stronger, and outlook brighter by fixating on your rear view mirror. Indeed, learn from what has happened in the past on your path, but don’t let it define you.

Crush negativity now. Here’s a way to do it.

Silence Negativity

The Bully Busting Formula

We all know that when you consistently stand up to a bully you take away the one thing they looooove. Power. You make negative self talk a 90 pound weakling when you shout it down with glorious positivity. When I say positivity, I mean fantastic truths about yourself and victories you’ve had along the way. When you are just starting to get out of this pit, negativity is nasty and has a tendency to sniff out and exploit your vulnerability. Starting with evidence based truths is key. Lofty is awesome…but, one bite at a time. Here are some examples:

  1. I am an injection receiving bad ass!
  2. I am doing everything my heart, budget, and beliefs allow to have the family of my dreams!
  3. I am so lucky that I have the opportunity to get treatment for infertility!
  4. I am setting a world record for non-equestrian time in stirrups!
  5. I survived a hysterosalpingogram and lived to tell about it! (That seriously needs to be on a T-Shirt)
  6. I f’ing deserve to be happy!

Make a list of your own. Be kind. Be generous. Carry the list around with you until you know your negative self talk silencing truths by heart. Say them even if you don’t quite feel worthy. With practice, you will get used to them. One day you may delight in them. They sound awesome in the shower!

What is one thing you are particularly proud of on your journey?

Leave me a comment about it below.

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With Love and Respect,


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